CariFree Balance Book


A guide for managing dental caries for
patients and practitioners.

Dental decay (caries) is an epidemic. The disease is caused by an oral imbalance between risk factors for the disease and protective factors keeping patients healthy. Despite major advances in early decay detection, surgical repair technologies, and minimally invasive techniques, decay rates in many demographics continue to rise. For many patients, despite regular homecare, dental caries is a lifelong disease that progresses causing pain, financial distress, and eventual tooth loss. Balance is a guide for managing dental caries disease for patients and practitioners and answers the questions…

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Book reviews

Two thumbs up 

Review by Bill Blatchford DDS

BALANCE A small book with a large message. Drs. Kutsch and Bob Bowers have nailed the opportunity to change the lives of your patients. This could be the most significant change in dentistry as we know it. This changes the dentist from fixing the results of disease to actually curing disease. Make a difference by doing things differently. Two thumbs up.

It just gets better and better 

Review by Dr. Albert Clark

Balance is, as it claims on the cover, “a guide for managing dental caries” and it is an excellent one. However, it is much more. Containing case histories, scientific studies , excellent charts and illustrations, It not only outlines a system to manage caries, it in simple terms explains the balance that defines the caries process, and invites the reader to explore a new paradigm of dental care. We have watched the development of Dr. Kutsch’s approach for three to four years and have witnessed the benefit to our patients. It just gets better and better. Thank you Kim! 
This book can be read in an evening or studied for days. You owe it to yourself and your patients to explore its contents.

Must read for all dentists 

Review by Bruce B Baird CEO, Productive Dentist Academy

The book educates any dentist on the cause and effect of dental caries and the disease process. It is a must read for all dentists. After 33 years it has changed the way I approach diagnosis and treatment planning.

Plain sense prevention

Review by Dr. Brent Ingram

As a dentist, I am always looking for ways to explain to patients plain sense ways of my prevention program I have been using in my office for over 20 years. The information contained this book does just that. Thank you. 

Comprehensive overview 

Review by Linda Lukacs, DDS

Whether you are a dental professional, dental student or a patient, Balance is an easy to read, easy to understand, review of the process of dental caries and risk assessment. The paradigm shift from dental treatment to dental prevention is refreshing. While this book appeared very simple at first, it provides a comprehensive overview on the pathology of caries, methods to identify those patients at greatest risk for tooth decay, and strategies aimed at prevention. 

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